Learn how to improve search feature in YooDIY.

Improve Search Feature in YooDIY


You must have installed YooDIY component.

1 - Enable Optimized Search

Enable Optimized Search

YooDIY comes with an improved search engine, based on stemming algorithms. Go to your backend > Components > YooDIY > Options and click on Search tab. Make sure Use stemming option is ON.

2 - Set the search mode

The supported search modes are All, Exact or Any. "All" means that YooDIY will return results for perfect matches ("exact") and any match ("any").

3 - Ignore small words

You can ignore words smaller than N characters. Leaving 'ignore" value will ignore this property.

4 - Extend Search to fields other than title

You can also include Preparation and Prerequisites fields in search, just by enabling/disabling appropriate options.

5 - Customize Search Appearance

You can use an image background in search form to customize the Look and feel of your website.

6 - Bonus: how stemming works

YooDIY uses a stemming algorithm based on your users language. For example, assuming your language is English, then searching "Interestingly" will return results for "interest". Stemming algorithms in YooDIY search also works for French and all other latin languages.

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