Learn how to install YooDIY Module for Adsense and start monetizing your website!


No prerequisites.

1 - Install Module

Install Module

Go to Extensions > Extension Manager, select the archive and upload it. You should see a screen similar to this one.

2 - Instanciate your modules

Instanciate your modules

Create one or more module instance, give them a position on your template. Good to know: at the time these lines are being written, YooDIY comes with a set of built-in module positions, as shown in picture.

3 - Edit module settings

If not already made, you need a Google Account. Then, go to AdSense and create your Ads. Google will give you an Ad-Client and an Ad-Slot. You just have to put these numbers in your module settings.

4 - Hide Ads to logged in users

Hide Ads to logged in users

Easy as ABC. You just set the level access to Guest and optionally add a message to your users in module settings. This message could be for example: "Log in to remove ads"

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