Know-How Sharing Solution

YooDIY could be run on food, mechanics fans or hairdoes websites. You only are limited by your imagination!

Community Centered Learning

YooDIY is integrated with EasySocial. Your users can follow members and are notified by email of new DIY items

Applicable to all fields

Beauty, Fashion, Mechanics, Science, DIY, Ready Made, Art, Technology, Repair, Electronics, How To, Computing, YooDIY is the PERFECT solution to easily build and manage Know-How databases.

Main Features

  • Responsive

    No matter the device YooDIY is run on, display is always right: PC, Mac, Smartphone or tablet.

  • User Centered

    Place your users at the very center of your website. Subscribe to their new items, share, send fixes and communicate.

  • Powerful Search

    You will be surprised by the performance of our search engine, based on stemmer algorithms.

  • Easy To Use

    Create DIY items and procedures in a twinkle of eye, order your steps using drag and drop. Easy!

  • Available on Transifex

    YooDIY has already been translated into 3 languages. Join the team, we have special offers for translators!

  • File Manager

    Each user has its own drag and drop file upload manager. All files are cropped to guarantee a nice looking website.

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